Ace in Action

Our dedication to our clients' success stretches back 60 years, from the beginning  of an industry our founder established in the region, to the complex and global state of the insurance industry today.
We are totally committed to our clients. It is this commitment that drives us to deliver the region’s reliable risk management advice and service. We are continuously  working to earn our customers loyalty, appreciate their needs and  act to add value to their business.

Our approach is based on the following four basic commitments to our clients:


  • We apply analytical tools to fully uncover and familiarize ourselves with the business needs of our clients.

Our analytical tools allow us to identify the critical exposures that can impact your business and hinder its growth. This is an important start in the process of planning and designing a good insurance and risk management program.

Designing & Placing

  • We design client solutions that offer the best protection at the most competitive terms.

We are familiar with the workings of the insurance market and have strong connections with local and international insurers and reinsurers. We design the insurance program and develop the wordings to properly address the identified exposures that could negatively impact or hinder the growth of our clients’ business. Not all exposures need to be insured and many can be either retained or transferred. We hold workshops with our clients to explain the various options available to them so that they could make informed decisions on the handling of the exposures they face.

Insurers are recommended based on their financial position, reputation and ability to provide first class service to clients. Insurers tend to specialize and it is our job to ensure that insurance covers are placed with the right insurer. The lowest price is not always the best deal; details comparisons between the various options are provided with recommendations so that our clients decide knowing the pros and cons of every offer in hand.   


  • We take pride in the quality and level of service we provide to our client

The most important testimony comes from our clients who renew their business dealings with US year after year. We have the highest clients’ retention ratio amongst our peers which is a reflection of our commitment to continuously deliver first class service  


  • Processing and securing payments for claims quickly and fairly is the real test

The insurance contract is a promise to pay claims when it happens; that is when the Insurance broker is put to the real test. We closely work with our clients on their claims; we get involved and provide advice through every stage of the claims process. our involvement ensures a smooth claims processing, prompt and fair payment.