Our culture, our people, our values!


At ACE Group we believe that our people are the hidden force towards our success.  They are the intellectual capital bringing their skills and talents to achieve outstanding business performance. As a true investment, we trust that continuous support and development of our people will enable us to deliver our objectives.

At step into the future

Our culture is about empowering our people to achieve our business goals and enable them to succeed with their personal development and career goals. We look into the future with determination and commitment to create and support a diverse environment extending equal opportunity to all.

Our values

Our corporate values have been essential to the foundation of our Company. We inform our people of the values and behaviors we expect them to demonstrate and strongly believe that they will create a culture in which growth and advancement is the ultimate goal. A culture that allows them to focus on doing their best performance leading to high quality and innovative solutions. With our determination for success, we share these values with our people:

  • Mutual respect and team work
  • Accountability & responsibility
  • Innovation and improvement
  • Integrity and honesty above all
Compensation, recognition and rewards

Our Company provides a pay program designed to attract and retain qualified and motivated people. The salary levels are designed to ensure the Company’s pay program remains competitive, within available resources, and based on salary survey data.  We provide variable pay opportunities to all employees that recognize outstanding individual and company performance.

We also offer rewards celebrating significant milestones in an employee’s tenure at our Company in recognition to their long service years with us.

Performance management

Our performance appraisal process is an interactive process between our employees and their managers. The process anticipates continuous feedback about what employees can do to improve their contributions towards the Company and to advance in their own careers. This ensures that individual, departmental, and eventually Company goals are consistently being met in an effective and efficient manner.

Professional development and training

We encourage our employees to continue developing their skills, knowledge and extending their educations. We offer in-house development programs presented by our professional staff members targeted to raise specific skills. Courses designed are of professional, managerial, and technical development based on employee and manager feedback as well as our operational needs.

Compliance with local laws and regulations

Ace Group complies with all laws and regulations governing the jurisdictions in countries which we operate in. We have written guidelines for our workplaces which employees can access via the Company's website at any time and which are duly available with Human Resources Department.

Why Work With Us?

We operate a company through a wide network of offices with a dedicated team of professionals.

At ACE we try to create an inspiring, worthwhile, and motivating work environment. Working with us is about being surrounded with opportunities to learn and grow.

Our operational divisions work with agility and autonomy. This means employees can make a difference in their actions and careers.